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Milking School DVDs 

Learn more about our complete Milking School DVD set here. It includes almost 6 hours of wonderful, informative lectures and demos. We’ve included the information you need to buy, milk, and naturally care for your very own Cud-Chewing Beauty Queen!

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DVD 1 – Milking School Introduction

$49 (Sold Separately) (runtime: 2 hours, 18 min)

Milking School DVD, Disc 1 is sold separately and includes an interview with Dr. Paul Dettloff, the foremost American authority on the A1 vs A2 mutation issue. In this DVD, Dr. Paul shares his perspective on the following subjects:

  • A1 mutation – which is linked with several health issues
  • Why Dr. Paul highly suggests feeding kelp to our calves and cows
  • Vaccines and Dr. Paul’s recommendation of homeopathic options
  • The top 5 herbal products Dr. Paul says every barn should have

Milking School – Disc 1 also includes:

  • Hands on milking how-to’s as well as a user friendly electric milker option
  • A pasture walk to learn how to do simple rotational grazing and up to double your production of forage, improve forage varieties and quality, minimize many weeds naturally, draw earth worms, improve soil fertility and make your pasture more drought resistant – all very simply
  • Calf demos of giving a shot, teaching to lead, tubing and more


DVDs 2 & 3 – The Return of the Family Milk Cow

$59 (2 DVD set) (runtime: 3 hours, 24 min)

At Misty Morning Farm we want to help you cultivate your own sustainable, chemical-free source of dairy products. Our concerns about conventional farm practices led us to go the opposite direction in many ways. Now, we enjoy teaching others what we have learned. We believe that your cow should be an asset, not a liability. Click here to learn more about the way of do things at Misty Morning Farm.

In these 2 DVDs, we include:

  • How to buy hay that will sustain a growing calf and a lactating cow
  • How to feed your cow for optimal rumen health and to avoid many health issues
  • How to treat and supplement your cow naturally
  • Can my cow stay healthy on the products from my local feed store?
  • Where are the health food stores for my cow?
  • How to avoid and treat Mastitis, Milk Fever and Ketosis, (the 3 scourges of dairy cattle)
  • Breeding (including an Artificial Insemination explanation and demo)
  • Calving:  Tips & Timing
  • How to train and handle a new calf
  • The PROPER time to wean your calf from REAL milk and why?
  • How to share milk with your calf
  • Cheese making tips and other dairy product ideas to inspire you
  • Other subjects important for owning and caring for your family cow
  • Companion manual is included.

Note: Much of our DVD’s were filmed during a live Milking School event here at Misty Morning Farm, so you will hear the rooster singing, cows mooing and other natural farm sounds.

Now on Sale!
GET ALL 3 DVDs FOR JUST $80! (A savings of $28)

Learn more about this incredible learning system here!


Electric Milker – $574 with shipping

We have finally found a simple solution for small teats, relief help, time constraints, and sore hands!  We have used this little electric milker on multiple cows for years and before we bought our first unit, we called the longest term users we could find.  No negative feedback!!  It uses suction with some natural vibration from the silicon insert that works very well.  This is what we like about it:

  • It is user friendly!!!  You can basically watch the tutorial and go out and use it.  I had to refer to the instructions once.
  • It is light weight!  What you carry out to the barn weighs only a couple of pounds.
  • There are no lines to clean out with chemicals!!  It milks right into bottles that hang on the teats by suction.
  • It is affordable!  ½ – ¼th the cost of a surge type one cow milker.
  • It is fast!  We put it up beside a four teat surge milker and the timing was one minute different.  It is faster than hand milking but it depends on the skill level how much faster.
  • There is also a non-electric version that milks one teat at a time for $189 and the larger unit is also now available in a solar version.  If you are interested, contact us.